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Foundation Repair Rhode Island

Rhode Island, the New England state that holds the record for being the smallest state in the US, is home to a little over 1 million residents. Known for its beautiful beaches and ocean views, Rhode Island is an amazing vacation spot. However, as many Rhode Island homeowners know, foundation problems can strike at any time. Many homeowners don’t recognize that they are in need of foundation repair in Rhode Island. Signs that point to the need for a new foundation include cracked or leaning walls, water in your basement, or sticking windows and doors. If you’ve ever experienced any of these problems, give Atlas Systems of New England a call. We are your trusted, go-to service provider for foundation repair in Rhode Island.

Atlas Systems of New England provides Rhode Island with superior helical piers and resistance piers for all foundation problems in Rhode Island. Our highly trained workers use only the highest quality products, ensuring the stability of your home for years to come. Our extensive line of helical piles and piers along with tiebacks and crawlspace piers allow us to ensure the quality of your foundation repair in Rhode Island. The majority of foundation repairs stem from soil related issues – erosion, poor drainage, expansion and shrinkage and poor compaction. Any of these issues can harm both your home’s foundation and your family, leading to hazardous mold and mildew growth. Atlas Systems of New England specialize in quality foundation repair products and solutions, including helical piers and resistance piers. We are also available for basement waterproofing and contaminated soil removal services. Be sure to contact our team for a free estimate.

Foundation Problems in Rhode Island

Some of the things that cause foundation problems are easy to watch for as a home or business owner. Many things have to do with the weather we experience in Rhode Island. When it is very dry we have to worry about evaporation. If there isn’t enough moisture in the soil around your home it can cause problems. The ground will shrink and pull away from your foundation walls. Your walls depend on the surround soils for support. Transpiration is caused when tree roots take all the moisture from the soil around your home. This can cause foundation settlement. Plumbling leaks and bad drainage as well as too much rain can cause the opposite problem. If there is too much water around your foundation you will find that the water builds up and puts pressure on your foundation walls. This can cause bowing walls, leaning walls, and even cracking of foundation walls and water in your basement or crawlspace.

Foundation Solutions We Provide At Atlas Systems:

We perform many types of foundation repairs. Resistance piers can be installed to lift a settling or sinking foundation. Helical piers and wall anchors can be installed as well to add support to bowing and leaning walls, and leaning chimneys. They will add support for years and years to come. We also perform services such as contaiminated soil removal. We assist enviromental firms with the removal of contaiminated soils. If your walls crack due to shifting soils or settlement, we can also assists with this problem. Call us, let us take a look at your foundation for signs of failure. We can help you determine the right solution for your home or business, and quickly get that plan into motion to protect the investment you have in your home. Call today!