Atlas Systems of New England has a service area that covers all of New England including the coastal regions such as the Cape and Islands. Because we cover such a large area, we make sure to stay on top of all regulations that can affect your home.

For one of our clients, we worked with a geotechnical and structural engineer to design a foundation stabilization plan to prevent future movement. Our client had an existing cinder block foundation and was concerned about the potential movement that a hurricane or a tidal surge could cause. The reason for our clients’ concern was that the current FEMA regulations required that the house be reconstructed 11′ higher in elevation if 50% of the house moved 12″ off of the foundation due to the hurricane or tidal surge.

To ensure that the house would be stable, Atlas Systems of New England installed ECP helical piers that were secured to the sill of the house using a custom timber bracket. Once the helical piers were installed to a suitable bearing stratum the owner had the added security that the helical piers would provide uplift resistance and that the house was stabilized.