Cape Cod Helical Pier Install

Did you know most older homes in Cape Cod are built on shallow cinderblock foundations. These homes shallow foundations and older structural supports are not able to withstand modern house hold items. In order to support create additional structural strength in the house, it is best to use a helical pier as a deep foundation […]

Rhode Island Foundation Crack Repair

To many homeowners a crack in a homes foundation can be a frightening scenario however at Atlas Systems of New England we have the knowledge and expertise to help solve any issue. Atlas Systems met a homeowner in Bristol, Rhode Island who had 2 large cracks in their foundation. These cracks had been there for […]

Atlas Systems of New England: Using ECP helical piers to retrofit a failing foundation.

New England is home to many beautiful waterfront properties that have foundations that are not suited for year round living. Atlas Systems of New England was hired by a homeowner to save their house from sinking into the lake. The soils next to the water were soft and could not support the weight of modern […]

Sinking or Settling Floor Slab?

Are you experiencing a sinking or settling floor slab and are need of a permanent repair? Atlas Systems of New England is here to help. A settling slab is caused by inadequate material being used as construction back fill. Over time this material begins to compress by the weight of the slab creating a void […]

Sagging Floor Repair in East Providence, Rhode Island.

Atlas Systems of New England is the leading foundation repair contractor for sagging floors in the Providence area. Most homes that were built before 1940 were not constructed to support the weight that most modern homes carry. Working in East Providence, Rhode Island, Atlas Systems of New England was hired by the homeowner to remove […]

Sinking Foundation Stabilized in Cumberland, Rhode Island

A sinking or settling foundation can be scary thought for a homeowner, luckily Atlas Systems of New England is the leader in foundation repair for Rhode Island. Working in Cumberland, RI Atlas Systems worked to stabilize a sinking foundation. Our initial foundation inspection found that the foundation had no footing and was sitting directly on […]

Boston College Modular Housing Units – A Cost Effective Solution to a Long-Term Problem.

By: Dennis Geisser and Jay Perkins, P.E. The development of Boston College Lower Campus began in the fifties thru the early sixties with the uncontrolled dumping of construction debris and miscellaneous fill materials into the Lawrence Basin of the Chestnut Hill Reservoir.  This site is currently occupied by BC Alumni Stadium, Flynn Recreation Complex, the […]

Chimney Repair in North Falmouth, MA

Atlas Systems of New England recently completed a chimney repair project in North Falmouth, MA. Our Client had a 3 story granite chimney that had settled and pulled from the house almost 12″! Atlas Systems worked with a local structural engineer to design and develop a plan to stabilize the chimney and pull the chimney […]