Picking a qualified contractor

Atlas Systems of New England works in an industry where superior products, trained technicians, knowledge of soil conditions and engineering know-how are important to the success of every project from residential to commercial.  With these core attributes at Atlas Systems of New England our success rate since 1991 has been 100%. Without these, the success […]

Atlas Systems installing helical piers to retrofit foundation

Atlas Systems of New England has a service area that covers all of New England including the coastal regions such as the Cape and Islands. Because we cover such a large area, we make sure to stay on top of all regulations that can affect your home. For one of our clients, we worked with […]

Helical piers in new construction practices

Helical piers are being utilized more and more in urban environments because of their low cost, ease of installation, ability to be installed in confined spaces, and their ability in generating capacities up to 200 kips. Atlas Systems of New England has installed hundreds of new construction helical piers in the Boston and surrounding areas […]

Unsuitable Backfill Leads to Foundation Settlement

Atlas Systems was hired by a homeowner and tasked with repairing the garage foundation wall. In order to repair the garage foundation, Atlas Systems had to install 6 ECP model 350G push piers. In order to install the push piers, Atlas Systems had to excavate to the bottom of the foundation and jackhammer off the […]

Foundation Repair in Scituate, MA

Atlas Systems of New England recently completed a project in Scituate, MA. Our client had recently purchased a home located on the water, this homeowner had settled approximately 5″ through out the house. Atlas Systems worked with a structural engineer to devise a foundation repair plan. This plan involved the installation of 21 ECP steel […]

Chimney Repair in North Falmouth, MA

Atlas Systems of New England recently completed a chimney repair project in North Falmouth, MA. Our Client had a 3 story granite chimney that had settled and pulled from the house almost 12″! Atlas Systems worked with a local structural engineer to design and develop a plan to stabilize the chimney and pull the chimney […]