Foundation Cracks Boston and Surrounding Areas.

The majority of foundation cracks and repairs stem from soil-related issues – erosion, poor drainage, expansion and shrinkage, and poor compaction. Any of these issues can cause stress to your home’s foundation and the entire structure.

Here are some symptoms that you may want to examine your home for:


Look for cracks in your foundation or bricks that are broken or cracked. Look around your windows for gaps or fascia board that is pulling away. A more evident clue could be a tilting chimney.


Inside your home search for cracks in the ceiling, drywall, or the floor. You may find that your doors and windows are misaligned or that the trim and molding are beginning to separate.


In your garage look to see if there are cracks in the floor or if there is separation around your door or between the floor and walls.

If you are beginning to notice any of these danger signals to help you determine what we can do to remedy any problems your home may be experiencing.

Foundation Repair Solutions for Your Home.

Foundation cracks not only jeopardize the stability of your home, they also let in water and moisture. This can cause serious issues, especially if you are in an area with large amounts of rainfall. The water will enter your home through the cracks and can often damage your belongings in addition to the structure of the home. Another serious concern when it comes to foundation cracks and water is mold. Mold releases spores and affects the air you breathe. Warning signs of mold include a very musty smell.  If you notice this, it is very important that you contact Atlas Systems of New England immediately. Foundation cracks are not a “do it yourself” project, the integrity of your home is at stake, so contact us today! Atlas Systems of New England specialize in quality foundation repair products and solutions, including and Your home is your most valuable investment, don’t let fixable foundation problems threaten that investment. Atlas of New England today to discuss your foundation repair solutions.