Bowing foundations and settling foundations are common on Cape Cod where the soils are sandy. Foundations built on sandy soil can experience bowing and settling due to erosion of sand from around the foundations footing.

Atlas Systems of New England was hired by a homeowner to stabilize the bowing garage wall. Using a coring machine, Atlas Systems cored through the foundation wall, once through the wall Atlas Systems removed the floor slab and dug down to the core hole. Once the holes were open, Atlas Systems used our Bobcat with a ProDig 12,000ftlb Gear Motor to install 2 ECP Helical Tie-Backs.

Our Project Manager Coring through a foundation wall.
Installing a Helical Tieback to stabilize wall.

Once the Tie-Backs were installed and locked into place, Atlas Systems went to work structurally repairing the cracks. There were 3 total cracks the height of the foundation wall that needed to be repaired using Rhino Carbon Fiber Crack Locks. In order to install these crack locks, Atlas Systems had to use an Angle Grinder with a Diamond Tipped blade to saw cut into the foundation wall every 8″. Once the saw cutting was complete, we installed the crack locks into the cuts and injected the cracks with a high strength epoxy.

If you are on Cape Cod or in New England and are experiencing signs of settling or foundation cracks contact Atlas Systems of New England for free quote.