Massachusetts Foundation Repair Experts

Foundation Repair in MA is a commonly needed service with its volatile weather patterns and at times questionable soil. The beautiful state of Massachusetts is located in the New England region in the upper northeastern United States lying on the Atlantic Ocean. Massachusetts offers many exciting features for you and your family to enjoy whether you are visiting or you choose to make it your home. With the beautiful fall colors of the trees, the beaches of Cape Cod, or skiing in the Berkshire Mountains, you are sure to have the time of your life. The Cape Cod region is a place with lighthouses, beaches, trails, and is a great place to take your family.

With the rich history and cultural diversity, come to play or come to raise your family. Massachusetts weather tends to be a humid climate with cold and very snowy winters and warm summers. The state is also very susceptible to weather that can be very extreme at times with thunderstorms and severe winter storms. Hurricanes along the eastern border of the state along with a variable pattern of weather that can cause havoc on your Massachusetts home. Massachusetts foundation repair becomes quite necessary when the temperatures start to fluctuate and the precipitation levels start to vary. Hurricanes have also been known to be an occurrence in this state bringing it with it a great deal of flooding and causing a lot of damage to the homes and businesses in this state. Having your home or business prepared for such devastating weather can be the thing that keeps you from having to spend high dollar amounts later down the line. For foundation repair in Massachusetts, we have some of the best professionals to get the job done right.

If you are noticing cracks in your drywall, sticking or misaligned doors and windows, gaps around doors and windows, leaning chimney, cracks in walls, bowed or leaning walls, or a sinking foundation, these are signs of foundation settling.

Solutions To Your Foundation Repair MA Needs

Atlas Systems of New England provides Massachusetts with superior helical piers and resistance piers for all foundation problems in Massachusetts. No matter what type of foundation problem you may be having, we have the perfect solutions to fit your needs. Our extensive line of helical piles and resistance piers along with tiebacks and crawlspace piers allow us to use the correct product on every project. For foundation repair in Boston, Atlas Systems of New England offers services to restore your foundation back to a safe and stable structure. Our ECP premium resistance piers are used to support structures that have sinking foundations, installed inside or outside to repair cracked walls or foundation. These steel resistance piers are used in foundation repair because of the ease of the installation process with very little to no vibration, they are an all-weather installation, with immediate load transfer once installed.

The helical pier choice for your foundation repair Massachusetts are used to either support an existing structure or to provide support for new construction. These piers are basically a large screw that is drilled into the earth to a certain depth and are used for underpinning foundations on many residential or commercial buildings. With the ease of installation and the fact that they have immediate load transfer on installation makes these a popular choice for foundation repair Boston issues.

There could be a number of reasons why your Massachusetts foundation may need repair services:

  • Evaporation – this is from the hot and dry conditions the area sometimes faces.
  • Transpirations – Tree roots dehydrate the soil beneath the home causing foundation settling
  • Plumbing Leaks – A simple leak can cause big problems when it causes your building to sink
  • Drainage – Improper interior and exterior drainage can lead to excess moisture

Foundation Services we Provide:

  • Foundation Repair – Repairs to settling foundations utilizing resistance piers.
  • New Construction – Instant foundation support with helical piers on all new construction projects.
  • Contaminated Soil Removal  – Assisting environmental firms in removing contaminated soils to comply with MADEP (Massachusetts Contingency Plan projects).
  • Wall Crack Repair – Repairs due to settling and shifting soil.