New England is home to many beautiful waterfront properties that have foundations that are not suited for year round living. Atlas Systems of New England was hired by a homeowner to save their house from sinking into the lake. The soils next to the water were soft and could not support the weight of modern amenities the homeowner had. Because of this the house was slowly starting to settle and the doors and windows were sticking.

Atlas Systems working with local town building and conservation officials developed a plan to save this home. The plan involved excavating around the perimeter of the foundation and using angle to create a supplement footing. With the supplemental footing in place, Atlas Systems began the process of installing Earth Contact Products (ECP) helical piers.

Each helical pier was spaced approximately 6′ on center and was driven to a suitable bearing stratum 20′ below the bottom of the foundation. Once driven to this depth, Atlas Systems attached an ECP Utility Bracket to the supplemental footing and using multiple lifting brackets lifted the foundation back to its existing level.

If you are a homeowner who is experiencing foundation settlement or are looking to build a home along the water contact the professionals at Atlas Systems of New England today for a free quote.

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