Foundation Repair South Portland Gardens, ME.

South Portland Gardens, ME is located in Cumberland County. The city is comprised of approximately 23,900 residents. Some places and attractions include Portland International Jetport, Tate House Museum, and Kaplan University – South Portland Campus. Atlas Systems of New England services South Portland Gardens, ME for foundation repair. If you notice signs that your home may need foundation repair, such as cracks in drywall, sticking or misaligned doors and windows, cracks in brickwork, leaning or tilting chimney’s Atlas Systems of New England can analyze the problem and suggest the best solution for you.

Foundation problems can cause structural damage and your home can become unsafe. Homeowners that notice some of these small problems need to have the home inspected for foundation problems. Atlas Systems of New England uses only the highest grade products. Helical piers are used to support existing structures or provide support for new construction. Resistance piers are also used for structural repair for sinking foundations. They can be installed inside or outside to repair cracks. Causes of Sinking or Settling Foundations Foundations can settle due to several factors.

Some of these include:

• Improper back filling
• Erosion
• Shrinking and swelling of soil caused by changes in moisture content
• Groundwater variation levels
• Vibration due to construction in the area

Call Atlas Systems of New England for your foundation repair needs. Your home is an important investment. Don’t let foundation problems cause your home to lose value or become unsafe for you and your family.