Are you experiencing a sinking or settling floor slab and are need of a permanent repair? Atlas Systems of New England is here to help. A settling slab is caused by inadequate material being used as construction back fill. Over time this material begins to compress by the weight of the slab creating a void underneath the slab. This void will eventually cause your slab to snap.

In order to repair this you have different options ranging from tearing out the settled slab and pouring a new one, creating a structural slab or installing Earth Contact Products Slab Piers.

What are slab piers? Slab piers are steel resistance piers that are hydraulically pushed into the ground while using the floor slab as a reactive force. By using the floor slab as a reactive force, Atlas Systems is able to see when the pier has reached a suitable bearing stratum by watching the floor slab lift.

How are slab piers installed? Slab piers are installed by using a core machine to core an 8″ hole through the slab at different intervals determined by the slab thickness. Once the holes are cored they are then cleaned out and and the brackets are placed. We then set up the drive stand and hydraulically push the steel pipe into the ground. Once we see the floor slab start to move we know that we have reached a suitable bearing stratum and the floor will not settle further.

In order to lift the floor back to level we set up lift caps and use multiple 25 Ton jacks to lift the floor back into place. Once the floor is lifted Atlas Systems mixes grout and pours it into the cored holes to provide additional support.

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