New England’s Premier Foundation Repair and Structural Engineering Professionals

Atlas Systems of New England is a family-owned and operated foundation repair contractor. As a family-owned since and operated company, we understand that a foundation repair is an unexpected expense. As such, we believe that hiring the right contractor and using the right products for the repair is crucial.

Atlas Systems of New England works in an industry where superior products, trained technicians, knowledge of soil conditions, and engineering know-how are important to the success of every project from residential to commercial.  With these core attributes at Atlas Systems of New England our success rate since 1991 has been 100%. Atlas Systems has been certified by several of the major pier manufacturers since our inception as a company and has determined that Earth Contact Products is superior to other manufacturers.

We know soils! It is important to know the reason why your foundation is settling or cracking and the proper solution to fix it. Our owner worked for a family-owned civil engineering firm that provided soil testing throughout New England. This experience along with a degree in mining engineering has allowed us to have a deep understanding of the soils throughout New England.

Lastly, at Atlas Systems of New England we care. We care about resolving your foundation settlement issues. While other companies may try to offer you repairs that are not needed and get you to sign with them by offering instant discounts, we take the time to review your project, make sure you understand what the underlying issue is and the necessary repairs needed to fix them.