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Basement Waterproofing Services of Boston, MA and Surrounding Areas

If your Boston home that has a basement, you need to be concerned about basement waterproofing. The New England area, including Maine, is susceptible to flooding due to occasional, excessive seasonal rainfall, thus creating the need for basement assessments. The professionals at Atlas Systems of New England can determine the appropriate basement waterproofing method to fit your needs.  We offer free quotes!

Typically, there are 4 main ways that water can enter your basement.

1. Plumbing Leaks – Backed-up floor and/or sink drains can be major contributors to unwanted basement water. 
2.  Poor Drainage – If your downspouts and gutters are not installed or working properly, water will find its way into the basement.
3.  Poor Building Site Prep – Soil must be compacted properly before the home is constructed to prevent unexpected movement of soil underneath the structure’s foundation.
4. Foundation Wall Cracks – Cracks create paths for water entry, a number 1 cause for foundation repairs.