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New England’s #1 Structural and Foundation Repair Contractor

Atlas Systems of New England has been providing foundation repair services to the Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut for more than 25 years. Serving Boston, Providence, Hartford, Springfield, the Cape, and more, Atlas Systems of New England sets the industry standard for foundation repair.

New England’s Best Structural Repair Contractor

Since our founding in 1995, Atlas Systems of New England made a strategic business decision to only use the best services and top of the line products. But that alone does not separate us from the competition.

At Atlas Systems of New England, we proudly offer our clients peace of mind in the form of reliable foundation support and repair services. As one of the only businesses in New England to devote all of its resources to working on foundations, we have become experts in the field. Our team takes great care to ensure that each project is tailored to the individual needs of our customers, focusing on your safety, security, and overall reliability. With over a decade of experience, you can trust us to provide a long-term solution and a stress-free experience. Let us take care of all your foundation needs so you can rest easy knowing your assets are secured against subsidence and other damage.

Resistance Piers

Atlas Systems of New England offers reliable and efficient resistance pier installation services throughout the New England area. Our experts are dedicated to providing superior quality services that meet all customer standards. With an emphasis on deep experience and expertise, Atlas is committed to delivering superior results at competitive prices.


Atlas Systems of New England is your go-to choice for helical pier installation services. With years of experience in foundation repair and waterproofing, we offer quality workmanship coupled with dependable customer service. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Atlas Systems of New England can diagnose the root cause of foundation settling problems and install helical piers quickly and effectively to stabilize your foundation and protect it from damage.


Atlas Systems is New England’s #1 source for foundation crack repair services. Not only do we ensure quality products and expert installation to reinforce the durability of your home’s foundation, but we also take proactive efforts to prevent future cracking. All of our experts are professionally trained and dedicated to providing stellar customer service from start-to-finish. Putting your trust in Atlas Systems will guarantee you peace of mind that your home can be free from structural damage for years to come.


Atlas Systems of New England offers a wide array of structural repair services which make it easy to restore structures to their original proper state. From concrete repair to structural engineering, we provide quality services that are designed to last long-term. Whether you need support beams replaced or a complete overhaul of your foundation, Atlas Systems is available with experienced professionals who will take the utmost care in ensuring your structural repair job is done right. With competitive pricing and quick turnaround times, you’ll be able to trust that the repairs done by Atlas Systems of New England are top-notch and meet all local regulations and expectations.