Sinking Failing Foundations in the Boston, MA Area

Sinking or settling foundations may result from a wide range of factors, including:

  • Shrinking, swelling or softening of soil caused by changes in moisture content
  • Compression of a soft layer in the ground as a result of the applied foundation loads
  • Frost 
  • Improper back filling
  • Variation in groundwater levels
  • Erosion
  • Vibration from nearby construction
root under home foundation
major separation between ground and home foundation

New England Area Homes and Commercial Buildings

Foundations tend to settle because of changes in the soil beneath your home. Due to differences in temperature and moisture throughout the seasons, water moves through the soil at different rates during the year. Soils with heavy concentrations of water increase in weight, creating pressure against your foundation. This pressure can cause your foundation to sink, and create problems that threaten the value and safety of your home. Common disturbances include cracked walls, bowing walls, sticking windows, and water damage. These problems should be addressed immediately, and attended to by a professional. Atlas Systems is proud to provide New England foundation repair services the New England area homes and commercial buildings.

Foundation Settling Repair Options

Atlas Systems of New England offers many different ways to repair the damage done to your home. Our professionals will assess your property and provide the best solution for the problem. We offer quality products and professional services to ensure your water damage is repaired and future water damage or flooding is prevented. Through the use of resistance piers, helical piers, tiebacks, and crawlspace piers, we can stabilize your foundation. Resistance Piers, steel brackets attached to the underside of an existing wall, lift the structure and prevent further foundation settling. We also offer the installation of helical piers, a fast and easy way to fix a sinking foundation. Our tiebacks, horizontal rods used to reinforce walls for stability, will help raise your foundation to prevent further damage.

Helical Piers

Helical piers are used to support existing structures or to provide support for new construction. In compression they are used as footers and in tension they may be used to support retaining or foundation walls. The helical pier is essentially a large screw that is drilled into the earth to a specified depth by using a hydraulic motor on the back of a backhoe or skid steer. It’s a fast and easy way to install a foundation system.

Resistance Piers

Resistance piers are used for supporting structures or repairing sinking foundations. They can be installed inside or outside to repair wall cracks and foundations. Resistance piers are made of steel and they have an L shaped bracket that attaches to the underside of an existing wall. The pier uses the wall as resistance to push a steel pipe into the ground. The pipe is driven until a required load is achieved, and until the depth is accurate. Then the structure begins to lift.

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Letting foundation damage go too long can create bigger problems down the road. If you notice a problem within your home, contact the professionals at Atlas Systems of New England to repair the damage. Don’t let a poor foundation decrease the value of your home or damage your possessions.

Atlas Systems only offers quality service and professional installation of our top quality products. We are happy to help with your foundation settling damage and prevent further problems. Contact Us today for more information. There are multiple foundation repair products that are designed to repair and eliminate your sinking or failing foundation. We specialize in helical pier systems and resistance piers. 

three piers under a formerly sinking foundation

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