Bowing Basement or Foundation Walls of Boston, MA, and Surrounding Areas

Basement walls may bow from the pressure of the soil around it. This lateral pressure can make all types of foundations including block or concrete foundations bow or lean. Poor water management and drainage is one of the leading causes of bowing basement walls. As walls start to lean and crack this makes your home very unsafe and could potentially allow water to seep into the basement or crawlspace. We have the solutions to help fix your bowing or leaning walls. Walls are always strongest when they are compressed.

Our team will diagnose the underlying problem and use one of our of foundation support systems to straighten your wall. Waterproofing your basement and using surface drainage methods can help direct water away from your foundation taking pressure off your basement walls. A sump pump and sump pit system could allow any build-up of water to be diverted away. With our proven basement waterproofing system and foundation repair services we can help you with any bowing or leaning wall problems.

We have many foundation repair products and services that will help strengthen your foundation and straighten your tilting chimney. We have a variety of foundation piers and wall anchors that will allow us to level the foundation below your home. Proper waterproofing methods will also help direct water away from your foundation, making the soil around it more stable.

If you have walls that are bowed, cracked or leaning inward, you have a serious foundation issue that needs to be solved with specialty products like ECP wall anchors right away. The ECP Wall Plate Anchors are designed and engineered to stabilize cracking and bowed basement walls. Wall Anchors are a reliable alternative to the removal and replacement of foundation walls.

ECP Wall Anchor Advantages:

  • Can be installed year-round
  • Most jobs completed in one day
  • Minimal disturbance to your home, lawn, and landscaping
  • Does not utilize floor joists for support
  • Easy to conceal when finishing your basement
  • Does not require maintenance
  • Restores property value
Wall anchors install diagram

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