Leaning and Tilted Chimney in The New England Area

Your leaning or tilting chimney can be caused by a settling foundation. The soil around your home can move and constantly change, which can make your foundation weak and unstable. As different conditions outside change from season to season soil can become weak and/or saturated with water. This constant changing of the soil can make it weak over time, thus making your foundation compromised. Once a foundation starts to shift, your chimney may start leaning or tilting inward or outward away from your home.

Common Causes of Leaning Chimneys Include:

  • Improper water drainage
  • Settling foundation
  • Poor foundation construction
  • Expanding and contracting of the soil
brick chimney in center of home

Atlas Systems Solutions

In many cases a chimney is the heaviest part of your home. When you’re in need of foundation repair a tilting chimney could be one of the first signs you’ll see. If the problem isn’t fixed right away, the issues can worsen and the weight of the chimney could damage more of your home and continue to make awkward pressure on your home’s foundation. There are many things that you want to stay away from when trying to fix a leaning chimney.

We have many foundation repair products and services that will help strengthen your foundation and straighten your tilting chimney. We have a variety of foundation piers and wall anchors that will allow us to level the foundation below your home. Proper waterproofing methods will also help direct water away from your foundation, making the soil around it more stable.

Resistance Piers

Using ECP Resistance Piers to stabilize a leaning chimney and bring the chimney back to the house.

Atlas Systems Chimney Repair Before Using Resistance Piers

Atlas Systems Chimney Repair After Using Resistance Piers

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