Misaligned Doors & Windows

Doors and windows that are misaligned and have gaps where they shouldn’t, could be a sign of foundation failure. Gaps at the top of a door whether the front or interior often happens because of a settling foundation. A settling foundation can be a serious problem for any home. When a home settles it sinks into the soil that it is sitting upon. This can cause cracks in your foundation and severe damage to your home. It is important that if you believe your home is settling you contact Atlas System’s professionals today! Foundation issues are never a “do it yourself” project. The integrity of your home is at stake, so make sure any problems are taken care of by professionals. With our products and methods, we will guarantee the safety of your home.

Leveling the foundation can fix the problem of these issues throughout your home. Many people do not associate these issues to be caused by a sinking foundation and try to just fix the problem by adjusting the door jamb. This could fix the gaps in the door, but you could possibly have a much more serious underlying foundation problem. There are many causes that make your foundation settle including ground movement, drainage problems, Misaligned doors, misaligned windows, Foundation Crack Repair ME, Foundation Crack Repair CT, or poor construction. Issues like these could make your door frame crooked so the door will not shut properly or stick when you try to open it. Windows will also sometimes be a misalignment, have gaps, or will be hard to open and close. Many of our customers with sinking foundations will often realize their windows also have some type of issue in the form of these gaps and misalignments. By using our proven piering system we can level the foundation which will help realign the frames and make your windows work properly.

misaligned basement door from foundation shifting
door that needs adjustment from sinking

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