Cape Code Helical Pier Install

Did you know most older homes in Cape Cod are built on shallow cinderblock foundations. These homes shallow foundations and older structural supports are not able to withstand modern house hold items. In order to support create additional structural strength in the house, it is best to use a helical pier as a deep foundation footing. Using ECP’s helical piers, Atlas Systems of New England is able to create a footing capable of supporting a 40,000lb point load.

Our helical pier installation process for structural columns is a simple process that can be installed in as little as one day.

Cape Code Helical Pier installation with blue corner graphic

Step 1:

Atlas Systems jackhammers the floor at areas where the helical piers will be installed.

Atlas Systems will jackhammer the floor at areas where the helical piers will be installed. We will the clean the holes out and remove the debris from the hole.

Step 2:

Using a man portable gear motor, Atlas Systems uses a hydraulic pump to drive the helical piers into the soil until they reach a suitable bearing stratum. In this cases the stratum was 10? below grade and an ultimate capacity of 40,000lbs was reached.

Step 3:

Once the pier is at stratum, Atlas then places a compression cap on the pier and pour concrete over it to create a finished floor. The contractor is then able to place a new column on the pile for a new support.

To learn more about helical piers and how Atlas Systems of New England can help your home please contact us for a free quote.

Matt jackhammering
Matt gear head
Andy Gear working on home foundation
Cape code helical pier installed in the beach sand with cap