Foundation Repair in Scituate, MA 

Atlas Systems of New England recently completed a project in Scituate, MA. Our client had recently purchased a home located on the water, this homeowner had settled approximately 5? through out the house. Atlas Systems worked with a structural engineer to devise a foundation repair plan. This plan involved the installation of 21 ECP steel push piers (resistance piers) and 6 helical piers.

The 21 push piers where installed in the crawlspace around the perimeter of the basement. A challenge in installing the piers in the crawlspace was that the floor slab was 18? above the footing. This meant that we had to open a larger portion of the floor than what is standard. Once the footing was exposed we had to account for tidal changes in our work space. This meant we had to constantly pump the water out of the holes.

The 21 piers on average were installed to a depth of 17? below grade and were driven to a capacity of 40,000 foot lbs. Once the piers where driven we then used a manifold system connected to our gas powered hydraulic pump and using a system of levels we monitored house while we lifted. Once completed we lifted the house back to 100% level. Once the lift was complete Atlas Systems backfilled all excess material and floated concrete over the holes.

Atlas Systems installed the 6 helical piers in the homeowners sunroom. We used 2-7/8? helical piers with an 8?-10? helix configuration due to the relatively light weight of the room and lateral support they allow. In order to install the helical piers we used a man portable hydraulic gear motor to install the piers to an average depth of 14?. Once installed we used a timber lift bracket to connect to the rim joist and the main beam. We then where able to lift the sunroom back to 100%.

working on building crawl space
close-up of a new pier with water around it in Massachusetts
torn up floor boards to get all the way to the ground
window crack because of foundation shift
windown crack repair
helical on building foundation
helical on building foundation crawl space