Installing Helical Piers for a Beachfront Property on Cape Cod

Atlas Systems of New England was hired by a contractor to provide foundation support for a home that was being built on the beach in Sandwich, MA. Working with the structural engineer, Atlas Systems developed a helical pier plan to determine the correct sizing and location of the piers. It was determined that to support the weight of the house and the additional wind loads a 3-1/2? helical pier would be necessary.

Atlas Systems used an ECP 3-1/2? Helical Pier with a 10?-12? helical configuration. These piers where installed using 10? starters and extension to help prevent any lateral movement. Once these piers where installed to a suitable bearing stratum, Atlas Systems welded new construction caps to the piers, the caps where then welded to the structural steel beams that acted as the rim joist and beams of the house.

If you are a homeowner, contractor or design professional and are in need of helical piers for new construction, contact Atlas Systems of New England today.

Installing Helical Piers on a beachfront property in Cape Cod
Installing a helical pier