Rhode Island Foundation Crack Repair

To many homeowners a crack in a homes foundation can be a frightening scenario however at Atlas Systems of New England we have the knowledge and expertise to help solve any issue.

Atlas Systems met a homeowner in Bristol, Rhode Island who had 2 large cracks in their foundation. These cracks had been there for as long as the homeowner had lived in the house and had shown no signs of differential settlement. With this information Atlas Systems decided the best course of action would be to use Carbon Fiber repair products manufactured by Rhino CarbonFiber.

The two products we used were the Carbonfiber Crack Locks and Carbonfiber Mesh. These 2 products were chosen because of the high tensile strength of each product and the ability to make the foundation wall whole again.

In order to install the Crack Locks we cut into the foundation using a diamond tipped blade. Once the foundation was cut, Atlas Systems blew the dust out and injected the cuts with a high strength epoxy. While the epoxy was curing, the crack locks where placed into the epoxy and the cuts where then filled flush to the foundation. Once this cured, Atlas Systems then placed the Carbonfiber mesh over the crack. This will help with both lateral movement of the foundation and differential movement.

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beginning to fix the crack
first sealed crack
Epoxying a foundation crack
crack repaired