Sagging Floor Repair in East Providence, Rhode Island

Atlas Systems of New England is the leading foundation repair contractor for sagging floors in the Providence area. Most homes that were built before 1940 were not constructed to support the weight that most modern homes carry.

Working in East Providence, Rhode Island, Atlas Systems of New England was hired by the homeowner to remove the existing inadequate beam support and add new steel columns. The existing supports consisted of 4?x4? wood posts sitting on the floor slab and a portion of a tree supporting the main beam.

In order to ensure the columns were properly stabilized, Atlas Systems jack-hammered the existing floor slab and created holes for the footings that were 24? deep and 12? in diameter.

Once the concrete was cured, Atlas Systems worked with the homeowner to level the floor, we were able to lift the first floor approximately 1?. Once the floor was lifted, Atlas Systems installed the lally columns on the footings and centered them under the beam. As a typical procedure, Atlas Systems coats the bottom of the columns with a rubberized compound to help prevent the forming of rust.

Once the columns are installed, the building inspector will review the installation before we are able to back fill the open holes and patch the floors with concrete.

If you have an older home and have noticed sagging or slopping floors don’t put the repairs on hold, contact Atlas Systems of New England today for a free quote.

tree trunk as main support beam

Tree Trunk Being Used as Main Beam Support

working on foundation

Jack-hammering the slab

working on foundation in basement in cape cod

New Columns with Rubberized Coating Installed.