Sinking Foundation Stabilized in Cumberland, Rhode Island

A sinking or settling foundation can be scary thought for a homeowner, luckily Atlas Systems of New England is the leader in foundation repair for Rhode Island. Working in Cumberland, RI Atlas Systems worked to stabilize a sinking foundation.

Our initial foundation inspection found that the foundation had no footing and was sitting directly on grade. Overtime the soils around the foundation eroded away causing the foundation to drop over 2?. We came up with a foundation to stabilize and lift the foundation while also stitching together the crack in the foundation. We came up with the plan to use 5 ECP Resistance Piers and Rhino Carbon Fiber Crack locks.

Our crew installed the pier brackets at 6? on center and using our hydraulic piston, pushed our steel piers to a suitable bearing stratum. Once at the suitable bearing stratum, Atlas Systems proceeded to apply downward pressure onto the piers causing the piers to lift the foundation.

Once the foundation was lifted the 2? back into place, Atlas Systems used Rhino Carbon Fiber Crack Locks to stitch the crack into place. By using the Carbon Fiber Crack Locks we made the foundation whole again.

If you live in Rhode Island and are looking for expert foundation repair, contact the professionals at Atlas Systems of New England today!

helical pier after being buried
man working on foundation
fixed foundation
helical pier among pine tree
crack under foundation