Unsuitable Backfill Leads to Foundation Settlement

Atlas Systems was hired by a homeowner and tasked with repairing the garage foundation wall. In order to repair the garage foundation, Atlas Systems had to install 6 ECP model 350G push piers. In order to install the push piers, Atlas Systems had to excavate to the bottom of the foundation and jackhammer off the footings.

During the excavation process, Atlas Systems was able to determine the main cause of the foundation settlement. The foundation was poured on top of tree stumps, branches, and even trees themselves. On top of the tree stumps, branches, and trees, the soil was organic material more suitable for flower gardens than supporting foundations. Over time the tree stumps and branches decompose creating voids under the footings. Between this and the organic material settling from the weight of the building, the foundation cracked in two places.

Once the excavation was complete, Atlas Systems drove each pier to an average depth of 17? where a suitable bearing stratum was found. Once the bearing stratum was found and all piers were installed, we connected our lifting brackets with 25-ton jacks. Using a hand pump, manifold systems, and a system of levels we were able to lift the foundation back over 4?.

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lifting process in action
cracked foundation wall
tree being pulled from under foundation
tree stumps under foundation
more trees under foundation
shallow footing depth
tree being pulled from foundation
ecp push pier
piers ready to install