Foundation Repair Saco, ME

Saco, ME is located in York County, Maine with a population of approximately 18,482. Saco has a large amount of tourism in the summer months due to its amusement parks, Ferry Beach State Park, and Old Orchard Beach. Saco, ME is part of Portland, Maine metropolitan area. The city has 38.46 square miles of land and 14.30 square miles of water. It is located beside Saco Bay on the Gulf of Maine. Saco consists of several landforms including beaches, fields, forests, bogs, and urban areas. Atlas Systems of New England is your foundation repair expert for foundation repair Saco, ME. Your home is an important investment.

If you start to notice signs of foundation settlement, Atlas Systems of New England can analyze the problem and suggest the best solution to solve it. If you notice your windows or doors are misaligned or have gaps, this is one sign of foundation problems. Cracks in your brickwork or drywall is another sign of a need for foundation repair. Water entering the basement through cracks can cause mold and mildew and become a health hazard. The basic structure of your home is the foundation and if you suspect any problems, you need a professional to inspect and find the cause. Causes can be from improper backfilling, erosion, shrinking, and swelling of soil caused by changes in the moisture content or vibration from construction in the area.

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Atlas Systems of New England uses only the highest grade products. Helical piers are used to support existing structures or provide support for new construction. Benefits for using helical piers include, quick installation, low installation cost, little or no disturbance to the site, and soil removal from the site is unnecessary. Don’t let foundation problems cause your home to be unstable or unsafe. Call the experts at Atlas Systems of New England for your foundation repair needs in Saco, ME.