Foundation Repair Services in the Springfield, MA Area for Piering and Underpinning

Living in Springfield, the weather conditions can get pretty harsh during the winter months. Cold weather can have adverse affects on your home’s foundation. Foundation failure can cause water leaks, wall or stair cracks, uneven slab concrete, and major structural damage. At Atlas Systems, our team of professionals can check your home’s structural integrity and decide if you need foundation repairs for your Springfield home.

The chances for foundation damage can occur when temperatures start to freeze or when the temperature is below 40 degrees. Living in Springfield, foundations are exposed to cold and freezing weather conditions. Ice freezes underneath the ground resulting in frost heave. This can lead to crack slabs and destroy any building structure.

If your home is experiencing foundation failure, contact Atlas Systems immediately. If you wait to get foundation repair, the problem will only escalate costing you time and money. We will inspect your home for foundation failure and fix it.

Causes of Foundation Failure in Springfield

There are many reasons why homes experience foundation failure in Springfield, MA. Every homeowner should look for these signs on the exterior and interior of the home. Contact our team of professionals if your home is experiencing any of these issues. We will inspect your foundation to determine the necessary foundation repair solutions for your home. During the winter months in Springfield, we want to make sure your home is safe and durable.


Transpiration involves the dehydration of plant roots from the soil. Tree roots draw moisture away from the soil in the summer months. This causes soil shrinkage. Soil expansion and shrinking causes foundation damage.

Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is caused by improper drainage or heavy water flow. It can eventually erode the soil around the foundation causing major foundation repair.

Poor Site Construction

Soil that is unstable before the structure is built can cause unexpected movements in the ground. This leads to settling or sinking foundations.

Poor Drainage

Homes with improper drainage can cause excess moisture and lead to soil erosion. Make sure your gutters are free from leaves and debris. Replace or install proper downspouts to redirect the flow of water away from your foundation.

Plumbing Leaks

Leaky plumbing and water leaks can cause foundation issues and heaving.

How Our Piering and Underpinning Folutions Fix Foundations Throughout the Springfield Area

Inspect your home for foundation failure by looking for common signs of foundation damage.

  • Gaps in the doors and window frames – Typically doors and windows are often the first signs of foundation failure. Look for gaps in the door and window frame.
  • Wall cracks – Look for cracks in your crawlspace and basement walls. Cracks can cause water seepage and lead to foundation damage.
  • Misaligned doors and windows – Windows and doors may become hard to open or close.
  • Uneven floors – Floors will changes such as bowing, sagging or cracks may indicate foundation damage.
  • Brick cracks – Look outside of your home for shifting or sinking soil. Leaning chimneys, step cracks, brick cracks, and stair-step cracks in the mortar lines indicates foundation settlement.

Hire Atlas Systems if you find any of these signs. We offer quality foundation repair solutions made by Earth Contact Products. Our solutions include resistance piers and helical piers.

Atlas Systems of New England Solutions

Resistance Piers

Resistance piers are used to repair sinking or settling foundations. When your home is showing the first signs of foundation failure, we can use resistance piers to repair your wall cracks. They can also fix sticking doors and windows.

Helical Piers

Our helical piers are used to support and stabilize existing structure or new construction. Footers are used to support the walls of the foundation. Helical piers are quick and easy to install requiring little to no disturbance to the work site.

If your home is suffering from foundation damage due to the weather or soil changes, contact Atlas Systems today. We are your foundation repair team in Springfield, MA. Contact us today for an estimate!