Foundation Repair New Hampshire

New Hampshire, a New England state home to roughly 1.3 million people, is located between Vermont and Maine. With many ski resorts, sports teams, and universities, including Dartmouth, New Hampshire is considered a beautiful state, perfect for both tourism and raising a family.

Homeowners are often surprised to learn that they are in need of serious foundation repair in New Hampshire. When their basement floods and they don’t know the cause, they’re quick to assume that it’s a one-time problem. When they see a wall in their basement leaning or cracked, or their doors stick when they’re opened, they think they’re just small problems. However, these small foundation problems can lead to much bigger problems in the future. In fact, these are signs that your home’s foundation is in need of repair. If you’ve noticed any of these things in your home, from cracked walls to flooded basements, give Atlas Systems of New England a call. We have been providing foundation repair services in New Hampshire for nearly two decades and are ready to assist you with any problems you may have.

Your home’s foundation is fundamental to its stability. Small problems in your foundation can lead to mold growth or failing foundation walls, creating an unsafe living environment for both you and your family. Atlas Systems of New England provides numerous services, from helical pier, resistance pier, and tieback installation to basement waterproofing. Our well-trained staff uses only the highest quality products, Soil related issues such as erosion, poor compaction, and poor drainage can cause significant damage to your home. Our contaminated soil removal services can assure the stability of your home. We can also repair wall and foundation cracks in your home.

Signs You Could Have Foundation Problems In Your New Hampshire Home

As a homeowner, there are a few things you can do to be proactive when it comes to your foundation. If you keep your gutters free of leaves and other debris, this is a great start. Also keep your downspouts in check. Make sure water is flowing down and away from your home. You can inspect your foundation and even inside your home for the signs of foundation failure as well. You need to keep your eye out for the following items: bowing and leaning foundation walls, wall cracks, foundation cracks, slab cracks, drywall cracks, sloping floors, cabinets that don’t open properly, steps and stairs that are pulling away from your home’s foundation. water stains, garage column cracks, and leaning chimneys. These are all signs that your home may be headed toward foundation failure. However, if you call the professional team at Atlas Systems of New England, we can check out your situation and use one of our many underpinning or piering methods to fix the problem. We will make sure to find the right solution for you. Call us today!

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