Connecticut Foundation Repair Services

Many homeowners are in need of foundation repair in Connecticut. These problems, which are most evident in cracked or bowed walls, sticking windows or doors, and moisture in your crawlspace or basement, may seem like small, irritating issues that don’t require much care or urgency. However, if these problems are left alone and not repaired, you may suffer from damaged possessions, mold growth, or failing foundation walls, creating an unsafe living environment for both you and your family. If you’ve noticed any of these problems or have had your personal belongings damaged because of a flooded basement, call Atlas Systems of New England. We are available for numerous foundation repair services in Connecticut.

Connecticut has relied on Atlas Systems of New England to provide superior foundation repair services for nearly twenty years. No matter what type of foundation problem you may be having, we have the perfect solutions to fit your needs. Our extensive line of helical piers and resistance piers systems along with tiebacks and crawlspace piers allow us to use the correct, most efficient product on every project. The majority of foundation repairs stem from soil-related issues – erosion, poor drainage, expansion, and shrinkage, or poor compaction. Any of these issues can cause stress to your home’s foundation and threaten the entire structure. Atlas Systems, your contaminated soil removal service experts, can help solve these soil problems, ensuring that your home complies with the MADEP Massachusetts Contingency Plan projects. Our services can keep your home and your family safe. Atlas Systems of New England specializes in quality foundation repair products and solutions, including helical piers, wall crack reparations, and resistance piers. With our highly-skilled workers and top-quality products, you will be getting the highest quality foundation repair Connecticut services. Be sure to contact our team for a free estimate.

Foundation Problems in Connecticut

There are many problems that you as a home or business owner can watch out for to help prevent foundation failure. If you know the signs of foundation failure, you can contact Altas Systems of New England right away, so we can provide you with a solution to fit your exact foundation problem. Watch for the following signs: misaligned doors and windows, doors and windows that stick, bowing walls, leaning walls, wall cracks, floor cracks, drywall cracks, foundation cracks, garage column cracks, water stains on the walls, or a leaning chimney. If you see any of these signs or symptoms in your Connecticut home it is time to call the professionals at Altas Systems of New England for foundation repair.

What Foundation Repairs do we Offer?

We proudly offer numerous piering and underpinning solutions for your home or business in Connecticut. We utilize foundation underpinning and piering products from Earth Contact Products, who offers the very best in these products in the industry. We can use wall anchors to add support to bowing or leaning walls, and use helical piers or resistance piers to add support to foundations, slabs, leaning chimneys and more. You have to work with a professional to get the job done right with these types of foundation repairs, and Atlas Systems of New England has the professional experience and years of exceptional customer service, so you can be sure your foundation repairs in your Connecticut home or business will be done right, and be long lasting. Give us a call to find out about our solutions, and which foundation repair is the right one for you.